Matou, a new type of kimono
that make all women shine

Matou is a new kimono brand that makes women shine regardless of their age, nationality, or disability. The kimono can be worn and removed effortlessly like an outfit, but it’s far from it. Although it is vividly alive with Japan's proud tradition of kimono, it is something that everyone will encounter for the first time. Responding to women's lifestyles that are diversifying with the times, kimono has evolved to enable them to enjoy a new aesthetic and pleasure.
You do not need to know how to wear a Matou kimono. It lets you enjoy dressing up, the Japanese way, the way you want, regardless of your age or body shape. When you dress in a Matou kimono that combines freedom and convenience, everlasting beauty and value, you will feel uplifted, contented, and soothed. From Toyama to the world, we are gifting a new kind of kimono culture that lets you enjoy kimono your way.

“matou”...Matou (to wear)
Matou also means “to wrap something valuable.”
You are unique, so wrap yourself in Matou.

“matou”...Like no other
Everyone is one-of-a-kind in the world.
The Matou you wear is created just for you.

Introduction of Obi

Obi is turned into a beautiful belt

The obi is a crucial part of wearing a kimono, and tying it requires considerable skill.
A belt-style obi is used for Matou.
Each obi-style belt design takes advantage of the weave and coloring of the textile,
making it effortless to style the kimono beautifully.

obi1 obi2 obi3
Other Obi