Produce M
Produce M

Bringing a breath of fresh air to Japan and the world

Matou’s creator, Mari Muranaka, was born to a family of kimono merchants with a fifty-year history in Kamiichi, Toyama Prefecture, and she took over the family business. She developed Matou, a new kimono brand, after two years of trial and error as she strove to pioneer a new kimono culture.
Muranaka founded her company, Produce M, in January 2020, and began producing and selling Matou’s creations in earnest.
Muranaka is committed to Made in Toyama, from design to production, and Matou’s creations are available to everyone across Japan and the world.

Company name Produce M Co., Ltd.
Representative Representative Director and President : Mari Muranaka
Establishment January 2020
Business content Manufacture and sale of kimono and accessories